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Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide

February 16, 2021 – June 8, 2021

The following OA-approved literature will be used in the workshop sessions and homework assignments: (purchasing the Study Guide is not necessary unless you are a co leader) Purchase the Participant’s Step Study Student Guidebook The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous 1st or 2nd edition Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition (the Big Book) Twelve […]

OA in the PINES!

May 22, 2021

11 am meeting & bring your own picnic PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED No fee to attend To register email: victoria@azwoods.com Location, directions and opportunities for fellowship that weekend in the area will be provided to those who register. For more information text/call: Tori 602-679-5273

2021 OA Dallas Virtual Convention

June 12, 2021
8:00am - 5:00pm CDT

Act as if there is a power that makes growth possible, and growth occurs. Flowers bloom, even in the desert. Act AZ if and let your recovery bloom! Flyer: OA Dallas Convention Registration 6-12-2021 Flyer2: R3 2021 Fall Convention & Assembly Brochure – Tucson (1)  

2021 World Service Convention

August 26, 2021 – August 28, 2021

We’ve had such an interesting year in our recovery, haven’t we? We lost almost all face-to-face contact with our fellows but gained a whole new world of fellowship thanks to a massive increase in virtual meetings. We’ve acted so admirably in 2020 to accept the things we cannot change, so how about we start 2021 […]

OA Office Usage

May 27, 2020

To: All Overeaters Anonymous Office Meetings and Members of our Fellowship

From: Arizona Serenity in the Desert Intergroup Board of Directors

Subject: Update for OA Office Usage and Adherence to Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines

  1. All online meetings via zoom will continue as scheduled for our OA Office meetings. Each meeting group is autonomous and group conscience will guide each individual meeting’s format decisions, (eg, in-person, Zoom, telephone or hybrid). There are many host positions and other service commitments available in the online meetings for those open and willing to serve.
  2. The Overeaters Anonymous office meeting room itself has remained open and will continue to remain open for in-person meetings. We understand that as meeting attendance continues to grow, people may not feel comfortable attending meetings at the office in-person. Going to the in-person meetings is YOUR CHOICE.
  3. The OA office space is well within the Governor’s directive to stay open as an essential business and continue having meetings. The ASDI Board encourages social distancing and proper hygiene procedures be observed while at the meetings.
  4. Current cleaning procedures are in place at the OA Office in response to the ongoing situation and will continue on a weekly basis. The OA office will be cleaned based on the guidelines set forth by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services (AZHHS) for community meeting rooms. Suggested guidelines for cleaning the office weekly have been established and are posted in the OA office. No caustic cleaning solutions will be used and adherence to the AZHHS guidelines will be accomplished utilizing Arizona Banner Healthcare recommendations.
  5. The possibility of having a video screen in the OA office has been mentioned which would assist those OA office meetings who choose to go Hybrid (face to face in office and also be in ZOOM call for those who are unable to be face to face). More information will be forthcoming. Please review ASDI E-cares for times, meeting types, logins and passwords. You can also view our OA meeting list at oaphoenix.org
  6. ASDI continues to incur costs for maintenance of our office including rent, utilities, air-conditioning upkeep and housing of our literature inventoy. Please continue the 7th Tradition through online donations (oaphoenix.org), 7th Tradition in face to face in office, and sending donations directly to: Overeaters Anonymous, P. O. Box 47565, Phoenix AZ 85068.
  7. There are many personal opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic, but the bottom line is many members feel the need to go to meetings in person, and many feel the need to social distance and stay home. The OA Office has from the beginning, provided a space for our fellowship to have the choice to do both.
  8. The ASDI Board has maintained a position of neutrality throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic and continues to do so.
We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you at a meeting soon!
Arizona Serenity in the Desert Board of Directors

OA Phoenix Office

The OA Office is located at 1219 E. Glendale Ave #23, Phoenix, 85020. In addition to a meeting space with capacity for 35 people, the OA office offers a variety of OA literature and other materials for sale.

Click here for more information.

Donate to ASDI

We at ASDI appreciate this is a difficult time for all. We miss our fellows, the warmth and camaraderie we find at meetings and the recovery we see in others and in ourselves.

Please remember there are still ways to keep in touch and to participate in meetings, on the phone and on the Internet (using Zoom, among other apps). But also remember ASDI/OA still has expenses like rent, phone and utilities.

There are a number of ways you can still participate in the 7th tradition. Below is a PayPal link to make a 7th tradition. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a contribution. All that is needed is a debit or credit card. Remember, even this website is coming to you because of funding by ASDI. Please give what you can.

Other ways of doing a 7th tradition contribution:
  • ENVELOPES - Members are encouraged to create and hold an envelope at their home for each meeting they attend virtually. Place their typical 7th Tradition contribution into that envelope, during or after a meeting. When face to face meetings resume, bring your designated envelope to a meeting and place it in the basket.

  • CHECK MAILED - Put a check in snail mail made payable to ASDI. It should be mailed to P.O. Box 47565, Phoenix, AZ 85068-7565l. Please do NOT mail to the OA office address.

  • YOUR BANK - Use your bank's bill pay or Zelle to send out checks/payments to ASDI's post office box.

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