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We need YOU for Service!!!

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The OA program of recovery recommends that each member take a service commitment- and we desperately need Members’ help! We have many service positions available!

Tons of FREE and Amazing OA Podcasts!

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Enhance your recovery and knowledge! Did you also know OA.ORG has a series of podcasts? Click on this announcement to get FREE access to instant links on a long list of subjects on important aspects of the OA program, as well as hundreds of “instant speaker meetings” at a touch of a button!

ASDI Service Opportunities

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You don’t have to come to Intergroup or be a member of Intergroup to work on a committee or do service. If you want to chair a committee or hold office, however, you really should come to Intergroup to see what it’s all about. Committee chairs give reports at intergroup meetings. Board members are the […]