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presented by 712+ Telephone Intergroup 712-432-5200  Conference ID 4285115# It’s simple, call the number and follow the directions. Important to include the pound sign at the end. Holiday Marathon Meetings work around regularly scheduled meetings, starting at 8 am (EST) and lasting until midnight.  We recognize the diversity of our members and although we don’t endorse […]

LA Bday Party Speaker Recordings Available!

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Did you know that you can listen to the LA OA Birthday big weekend Recordings for FREE? Not only can you access some of the older recordings but you can also purchase the most recent ones for a nominal charge. Learn more by clicking on the link!

Tons of FREE and Amazing OA Podcasts!

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Enhance your recovery and knowledge! Did you also know OA.ORG has a series of podcasts? Click on this announcement to get FREE access to instant links on a long list of subjects on important aspects of the OA program, as well as hundreds of “instant speaker meetings” at a touch of a button!

ASDI Service Opportunities

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You don’t have to come to Intergroup or be a member of Intergroup to work on a committee or do service. If you want to chair a committee or hold office, however, you really should come to Intergroup to see what it’s all about. Committee chairs give reports at intergroup meetings. Board members are the […]

New OA Twelve and Twelve

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Updated and improved, OA’s keystone book—the OA Twelve and Twelve, Second Edition—is now available. Created specifically as a study of the OA Twelve Step recovery program, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous has been revised for clarity and inclusivity—with a restructured Step Four chapter to increase usefulness. Read how, through working the […]