The summer retreat is quickly approaching which is very exciting! Every year, one of the attendees’ favorite events is our OA Retreat silent auction! Not only is it a fun shopping event for all of us, but the silent auction really helps our region with funding so we can hold special events, buy literature, create flyers and make the retreats more fun for all.

The summer retreat committee has the following request:

Each meeting is encouraged to donate a gift card (such as Fry’s or QT) or basket (such as self-care items or literature) to be raffled off at the summer retreat being held July 12-14 in Flagstaff. The proceeds help us carry the message of recovery to those still suffer inside and outside of our rooms. 

We would appreciate if each meeting, and individual members would bring their donated baskets or donated gift card to the retreat, if possible.  Text Mindy @ (602) 920-0826 if any questions.

Thank you!!!!

For more information on the upcoming retreat: please see here!