I am grateful and honored to have represented ASDI at the 2019 World Service Business Conference. I was one of 188 voting members from 18 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States.

Wednesday started with the Region Chair Forum on “Growing OA World Wide” with the theme “Each one reach one.” I have brought back the guide which asked prompting questions where delegates sat at 18 tables and responded to the questions sharing our experience. I exchanged information with other delegates who are interested in creating hybrid meetings similar to our Sunday 8:30am Speaker meeting at the OA Office.

The late morning and afternoon sessions were spent in committees. I was the Delegate Co-Chair for the Young Person’s Committee in 2018-2019. We accomplished several goals in the past year and reported out on it: created a Young Person’s Telephone Meeting, updated the Young Person’s Suggested Meeting Format, continued running the Young Person’s Facebook Page, created and disseminated a survey to identified potential podcast speakers.

During our sessions, the YP Committee identified new hosts/moderators for the YP Telephone Meeting and Facebook Page, remained committed to our existing Podcast project goals for this year of recording 12 podcasts, and two new projects: Engage Universities and Colleges in carrying the OA message to Young People and Craft presentation on what we can do to attract Young People to OA. Although I will remain a committee member over the next year, I did not seek a 2nd year as Delegate Co-Chair since I have other service commitments to focus on in the upcoming year.

The PIPO Committee brought example displays they encouraged photos

Wednesday evening we had our Region Dinner and then a “Meet the Maker” session where we could ask questions on the motions before the Assembly.

Thursday started the Business Assembly.  Over two and half days we voted on new Trustees, Motions and Bylaw Amendments. The Board of Trustees (BOT) is looking to revamp the structure and reduce the number of Trustees from 17 to 12 by 2024. Since there was only one applicant for General Service Trustee and two vacancies, they decided one of the positions will remain open this year for a BOT with 16 Trustees. 

We approved two new pieces of literature “Body Image, Relationships and Sexuality: Personal Journeys to Recovery in Overeaters Anonymous” and a revised pamphlet on Relapse.

The following motions were adopted:

Motion J – eliminates Virtual conference committee since there is a Virtual region

Motion F – to accept nonprofit status from Google

Motions D – Hybrid meeting may only be registered/represented once as either Virtually or Land based

Motion B – listed reasons why OA literature can be discontinued, removed or changed and that notification would be made via WSO publications.

Bylaw 12 – enables the BOT to disband committees

Motion C – a revised definition of Abstinence and Recovery

Abstinence: The act of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight.

Recovery: Removal of the need to engage in compulsive eating behaviors.

Spiritual, emotional and physical recovery is achieved through working and living the Overeaters Anonymous 12 Step Program.

Amended Motion K – Statement on Public and Social media

Members of Overeaters Anonymous are anonymous. The Fellowship is not. Members of Overeaters Anonymous are responsible for maintaining their anonymity and respecting the anonymity of other OA Members. When attending an OA meeting, whether face-to-face or virtual, members are encouraged to seek appropriate means to protect their own anonymity and that of fellow members.

All registered virtual meetings shall inform members that their anonymity is not fully protected when attending a virtual meeting. Find options for protecting anonymity at Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World (insert URL).

I attended 2 workshops Thursday evening, one on Young People in OA and another on the Virtual Region. The Virtual Region has a website https://oavirtualregion.org. There are many global virtual meetings and feedback in the workshop left me thinking that opening our hybrid meeting to OA at large would be a great way to continue to carry the message.

This was my 3rd WSBC in a row and it was intense work but also an amazing experience that bolstered my recovery. I spent time with fellows I knew from other locations I have lived in as well as other Region 3 events.  I was able to attend an OA meeting each day and hear the experience, strength and hope of fellows from all over the world, many with very long term (over 30 years!) recovery.  I encourage others to consider running for WSBC Delegate or volunteering at next years WSBC which is April 20 to 25, 2020.