ASDI needs you! PLEASE, consider offering just an hour of your service to keep OA alive.

  1. Open ASDI positions for July 1 start:
    1. Communications Secretary
    2. Communications/Technology Chair
  2. PIPO (Public Information Professional Outreach) Committee needs members!
    1. This very important service brings the message of OA to medical professionals.
    2. Contact Alicia L. for more information 623-225-8289 or
  3. Outreach Committee needs help to connect meetings within Intergroup.
    1. Volunteers are especially needed to make phone calls/emails, etc. to outlying meetings and ask what service ASDI can offer them
    2. Most service will be via phone/email
    3. Contact Tori for more information 602-679-5273 or
  4. The Bylaws committee would like three additional members.
    1. Most business will be conducted electronically.
    2. Contact Charlene for more information 602-618-9476 or
  5. Volunteer for the Region III Convention in August of 2020, hosted by ASDI.
    1. Contact Stacy Alyse for more information and to volunteer your service. or 858-272-7727
    2. Kickoff Meeting Wednesday, April 17, 6pm at the OA Office
    3. Call-in information: 605-472-5628, Access Code: 281586

Upcoming Events for ASDI

  • Summer Retreat: July 12-14, 2019 in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University
    • For more information, contact: Rosie O. 602-369-8444 or
    • Registration is now open, and pamphlets/fliers are on the counter in the office. Take some for your non-office meetings!
  • Partial scholarships from ASDI are available for the summer 2019 retreat!
    • To apply: contact registrar Bob R. 510-825-6959 or

ASDI: Arizona Serenity in the Desert Intergroup

OA Office: Overeaters Anonymous Phoenix Office, 1219 E Glendale Ave., #23
For announcements to add/change or edit, please contact: Rachel V text/phone 480-331-7390, email