ASDI needs you! PLEASE, consider offering just an hour of your service to keep OA alive.

  1. To stay updated on OA announcements and events in our intergroup, please sign up for the e-cares weekly newsletter at the bottom right corner of the webpage.
  2. ASDI still needs a Vice Chair, a one-year Rep/Delegate and a two-year Rep/Delegate Alternate. Can you serve? Check out the website for position duties and details. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Attend the Summer Retreat Adventure into Action: July 12-14, 2019 in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University. All scholarships have been awarded. Go to for more information. Registrar: Bob email
    • Each meeting is encouraged to donate a gift card (such as Fry’s or QT) or basket (such as self-care items or literature) to be raffled off.
    • Proceeds help ASDI carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer inside and outside of our rooms. 
    • Each meeting is to bring their baskets to the retreat, if possible. 
    • Text Mindy @ (602) 920-0826 if any questions about donations.
  • Volunteer for the Region III Convention in August of 2020, hosted by ASDI.
    1. Contact Stacy Alyse for more information and to volunteer your service. or 858-272-7727
    2. Next Meeting at the OA office, date to be announced
    3. Call-in information: 605-472-5628, Access Code: 281586

Upcoming Events for ASDI

  • Summer Retreat: July 12-14, 2019 in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University
    • For more information, contact: Rosie O. 602-369-8444 or Contact Rosie to find if space is still available!

ASDI: Arizona Serenity in the Desert Intergroup

OA Office: Overeaters Anonymous Phoenix Office, 1219 E Glendale Ave., #23
For announcements to add/change or edit, please contact: Rachel V text/phone 480-331-7390, email