OA Service Position Volunteers Needed

Many service positions are available, and our fellowship could use your help!   Many of the positions or duties are not time consuming and will build experience and knowledge to help the future of our fellowship. You will also get to know your fellow members better and help our entire community, inside and outside the rooms of O.A.

By taking part in OA Service, you will be helping to spread the message.

ASDI Service Opportunities
You don’t have to come to Intergroup or be a member of Intergroup to work on a committee or do service.
There are no abstinent requirements to work on any committee.
Committee chairs give reports at intergroup meetings.
Upcoming Committee Meetings: 
  • ASDI (Intergroup): Monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month. July meeting: July 20th, 1-3 pm
    • Remote call-in access: 605-472-5542, Access Code: 270952
  • Outreach: The simplest service you’ll ever do! Phone calls & emails are the name of the game. Contact Tori at victoria@azwoods.com, ph. 602-679-5273, fax 602-216-9590. Volunteers are especially needed to make phone calls/emails, etc. to outlying meetings and ask what service ASDI can offer them
  • 12th Step Within: Monday, August 5th, 10 am at the OA office.  For more information contact Norma at 412-401-3688 or email at nsb20022001@yahoo.com
Arizona Serenity in the Desert Intergroup Committees
Bylaws  –  For more information contact Charlene at 602-618-9476 or jmcharkiki@aol.comFinance  –  For more information contact Pat H. at 602-799-2629 or strungoutjewelry@gmail.com

Office  –  For more information contact Donna K. at 602-750-3589 or donz02@cox.net

Outreach  –  For more information contact Tori at victoria@azwoods.com or 602-679-5273

PI/PO  –  (Public Information/Professional Outreach) For more information contact Alicia at 623-225-8289 or alilivingstrong@gmail.com

Retreat  –  For more information contact Rosie at 602-369-8444 or rosie.oldham64@gmail.com

12th Step Within  – For more information contact Norma at 412-401-3688 or email at nsb20022001@yahoo.com

For more information on the positions available, please contact us at NewsFromASDI@gmail.com  

We thank you! Let’s get better TOGETHER